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Instamatics, Antonio Lopez

For fun, Antonio Lopez bought a cheap Instamatic camera to take pics of his friends. As Lopez kept company with models, actresses, and fashion world luminaries, he ended up with thousands of snapshots of Karl Lagerfeld (with whom he worked regularly), Divine, Grace Jones, Paloma Picasso, and Andy Warhol, to name but a few. Once his pictures became known, magazines worldwide began to hire him to take dynamic Instamatic pictures for them. 

With the Instamatic style of imagery made ubiquitous by today’s Instagram and Hipstamatic, Lopez’s snapshots seem fresh and contemporary despite the fact they were taken almost 40 years ago. Lopez would photograph a series of images in sequence and kept them grouped together in albums. Seen like this, they capture a fuller record of many a glamorous moment.

  1. Jessica Lange, New York City (1975)
  2. Yves Saint Laurent, Marina Schiano, Jerry Hall, Pierre Berge, Paris (1977)
  3. Blue Water Series: Daniel, Paris (1974)
  4. Margaux Hemingway, Halston, Liza Minelli, Andy Warhol, Ultra Violet, New York City (1974)
  5. Jerry Hall, Puerto Rico (1975)
  6. Grace Coddington and Jerry Hall, Jamaica (1975)
  7. Karl Lagerfeld, New York City (1975)


How does this happen? You’d expect my desk to be tidy on a Monday morning. Oh well of to London today to look for inspiration.
Updating / Re-designing the Website…. again. Bit gloomy in here today.
Looking for inspiration. Chilli noodles first though.
This is the place that I’ll be curating and exhibiting this year. Lots of planning to do still.
This is a very small and select part of one of my new pieces. Wasn’t going to show it at all but I’m too excited. Again, for the summer exhibition. Details to follow.
A mini art project I have started, hopefully will be showing this at a summer art event in June. I’ll let you do the zooming.
I’m trying to do one of these a day. This one is of my lovely girlfriend. She wasn’t impressed.
A mini collage I did the other day, I have something about cutting peoples eyes out, my mother thinks I’m crazy.

First post on my new blog to be attached to the new and improved website. Thought I’d show off some of my new books I’v been given recently. Off to read.